Maine Sub-Lease Agreement

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The Maine sublease, or sometimes called the “roommate agreement”, lets a tenant that has a current rental contract with the property owner/manager. Typically, a standard lease does not allow the act of subletting by a tenant, if this is the case the tenant will have to seek the written permission from the landlord.

If the original tenant, or sublessor, is having issues with their tenant, or sublessee, they should bear in mind that they will bear the full responsibility including;

  • Monthly Payment – In other words, if the sublessee does not pay the agreed upon rent then the sublessor will remain having to pay the entire amount.
  • Damage – It is recommended to ask for a security deposit at the time of signing in the chance there is damage found on the premises at the time of moving out.

It is advised that any sublessee that is being considered to undergo screening through the Rental Application.

Disclosure Forms

  • Bedbugs – If the premises has undergone a recent bedbugs infestation, the sublessee must be made aware of this through this document.
  • Energy Efficiency – Must be given to any sublessee. This form should have been attached to the sublessor’s master lease.
  • Lead Paint – The sublessor will need to verify if the property was built prior to 1978, if so this form must be attached to the sublease and signed.
  • Radon – The sublessor must fit the sublessee with the most recent Radon gas test results from the property. This document should be attached to the master agreement with the landlord.
  • Smoking Policy – The sublessor must¬†write down the smoking policy for the housing unit.
Maine SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word

Maine SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word