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Mississippi lease agreements bind a tenant and a landlord to an arrangement in which the tenant agrees to make regular payments (usually monthly) to the landlord in exchange for the use of a rental property. The three (3) main types of leases are yearly (a standard residential lease), monthly (a tenancy at will), or commercial (for industrial, retail, or office use). Lease agreements are usually negotiated and signed by all parties involved after a background check has been made on the tenant.


Mississippi Lease Agreements

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The Mississippi standard residential lease agreement is the most common type of rental contract as it is for a fixed period of time (usually a year) and gives the landlord and tenant certain guarantees and securities during the term. The process usually begins with the tenant approving the space followed by negotiations on the rental agreement such as the monthly payment and who will be responsible for the utilities. Once these preliminary steps have been accomplished, the landlord will generally…


The Mississippi three (3) day notice to quit for the non-payment of rent allows three (3) days for the tenant to either pay the entire balance owing to the landlord or face vacating within the time period. If the tenant pays all outstanding debts to the landlord, the lease will continue unabated. In the event that they vacate, the tenant will still need to pay the full amount that is due to the landlord. If the tenant has broken the…

The Mississippi rental application is a verification form used by landlords to make sure that a potential lessee is who they claim to be and able to pay their monthly rent. Through this document, the landlord can look up the applicant’s background, financial status, employment, and previous renting history. The landlord is allowed to charge a fee for performing this lookup which not only pays for any credit check or administration fees but demonstrates legitimate interest on the potential tenant’s…

A Mississippi commercial lease agreement is a basic template for a landlord and a business tenant to come to an agreement for either retail, office, or industrial property. Upon the signing of the completed document by both parties, the form becomes legal and valid. Landlords should have every potential lessee complete a rental application form to ensure that they will be financially capable of paying the monthly amount. Additionally, landlords should verify that the entity is valid by researching it…

The Mississippi month-to-month lease agreement is structured to give the tenant of the property a lease that has no specific end date. The lease is renewed with each of the tenant’s monthly payments. Nonetheless, the tenant must give notice before quitting the premises. The landlord can change the agreement so long as they provide the tenant with at least thirty (30) days’ notice. Even though a tenancy at will enables a comparatively flexible landlord-tenant relationship, both parties should be aware…

The Mississippi sublease agreement allows a tenant to get another individual to rent out a portion or all of their rental space. The original tenant will have to check with their master agreement to make sure that subletting is not barred from use. If it is, the tenant can plead their case to the landlord and try to obtain written permission. The original tenant, or sublessor, will ultimately be responsible and liable for the actions of the subtenant. The sublessor…


Lead-Based Paint – To be used for any residential dwelling built before 1978; notifies tenants about lead-based paint being present on the property.


Maximum (§ 89-8-21(1)) – Landlords may charge any amount for security deposits.

Returning (§ 89-8-21(3)) – The landlord has forty-five (45) days to return the funds back to the tenant from the move-out date.


The landlord does not legally have to give notice to the tenant prior to entering the premises of the rental property. However, it is highly recommended that some kind of notice be given for a healthy landlord-tenant relationship.


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