Montana Sub-Lease Agreement

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The Montana sublease agreement must follow Statute 70-24-305 which states if a tenant of a property vacates they cannot rent the premises to someone else without obtaining the exclusive written permission from the landlord. The agreement takes place between a tenant, sublessor, and someone else, sublessee interested in renting the same property for a period of time not to exceed the original lease term.


The sublessor will bear the full responsibility of the sublessee and will take the fault if any part of the master lease is broken in reference to monthly payment, damage, and vacating at the proper time. For these reasons it is encouraged that the sublessor require any potential sublessee to fill-in a rental application.


  • Lead Paint – Required if the housing was constructed prior to 1978.
  • Move-in Checklist – Required if the sublessor requested a Security Deposit at the time of lease signing.
Montana SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word

Montana SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word