Oklahoma Sublease Agreement Template

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The Oklahoma sublease agreement is a contract meant for use by individuals who are currently in a binding residential lease and would like to rent the entire space, or a portion thereof, to someone else. The individual seeking to rent out their space (the sublessor) will be fully responsible for whoever agrees to sublet. Therefore, all potential sublessees should be screened via the rental application to ensure that they can be trusted to maintain the condition of the property and make payments on time.

Sublessor’s Disclosures

Flood Zone – If the landlord has furnished the original tenant this form, the sublessor must also give a copy to the sublessee notifying them that the property has experienced flooding in the last five (5) years.

Lead Paint – The sublessor must check with the local government (most likely the assessor/building office) to see if the structure was built prior to 1978. If so, this form must be fitted to the sublessee to inform the sublessee of the building’s history of lead-based paint.

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