South Dakota 3 Day Notice to Quit for NonPayment of Rent

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The South Dakota notice to quit, according to Section 21-16-2, is a document that is served upon a tenant by a landlord due to a tenant not paying their payment on time and as stated in their written lease agreement. Under State law, the lessee has exactly three (3) days to decide whether to pay all that is owed to the landlord or face moving out of the premises.

Tenant’s Options

  1. Paying Rent – If the lessee pays all that is due to the landlord the rental contract will go back into standing order as if the incident never happened.
  2. Vacate – If the tenant decides to move-out of the property and not pay the landlord they will still be financially obligated to pay the amount at a later time.
  3. Eviction – If the tenant does neither and stays on the property the landlord has the grounds to go to court and file for an unlawful detainer, otherwise known as a legal eviction.
South Dakota 3 Day Notice to Quit | PDF | Word

South Dakota 3 Day Notice to Quit | PDF | Word