Alabama Rental Lease Agreement Templates | PDF

Alabama rental agreements are used to create a binding legal contract between a landlord and a tenant. The contract ensures that the tenant will pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to a livable property. The document has full legal justification and can be used for leverage if either the tenant or landlord does not hold up their side of the agreement.


Alabama Lease Agreements

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An Alabama residential lease agreement is a contract that details the arrangement between a landlord and a tenant, one which provides the tenant with a place to live and the landlord with a guaranteed monthly rent payment. Beyond the amount of the rent payment, a lease agreement will outline which utilities will fall under the tenant’s responsibilities and which are to be paid by the landlord. This agreement can remain in effect for twelve (12) months or longer (depending on…


An Alabama seven (7) day notice to pay or vacate is sent to a tenant when they are late on their rent. The landlord will need to check their rental agreement with the landlord and double-check the date that payment is due. Upon making sure the rent is actually late, the landlord will have the right to send the tenant an official notice. After completing the eviction notice, it is highly recommended that the landlord send it via certified mail…


An Alabama rental application form is a document that helps screen any potential tenants for a landlord’s property. The owner can use the information provided by the candidate to judge their likeliness to pay bills on time and their general reliability. A landlord has the power to charge the tenant a processing fee for the rental application. They also have the ability to deny a refund if the possible tenant does not pass the screening.


An Alabama commercial lease agreement (also called a “business lease”) is an agreement in which a landlord will agree to rent an industrial, retail, or office space to a business owner in exchange for monthly payment. Listed below are the three ways in which a commercial lease agreement can be set up. Triple Net – This is easily the best deal for the landlord because it requires the tenant to pay a monthly amount plus pay any maintenance for the…


An Alabama month-to-month rental agreement is a contract that gives the landlord and tenant the ability to terminate or cancel within thirty (30) days. This is common for short-term tenants that want the ability to cancel without being locked into a fixed long-term agreement. Either party may cancel as they deem necessary and may do so without cause or reason. The agreement is required to follow all State landlord and eviction laws. Rent Increase (§ 35-9A-161) – The landlord can only…


An Alabama sublease agreement is a contract in which the original tenant, called the “sublessor,” rents out the currently rented property to another party called the “sublessee.” Keep in mind that if the landlord does not receive the sublessee’s monthly payment, the original tenant is still liable to pay the landlord that month’s full rent. Because of that reason, it is strongly recommended that the sublessor does a full background check through a rental application on the potential new sublessee….


Landlord Identification (§ 3-9A-303) – Landlord is required to provide the name and business address of the person authorized to manage the premises in the lease.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – The lease must be written with this attached if the building structure was completed before the year 1978. This is a federal (HUD) requirement.

*If either landlord or tenant has a dispute or any questions about their rights they should view the Alabama Landlord Tenant Handbook or seek legal advice.


Maximum (§ 35-9A-201) – One (1) month’s rent. The Landlord may also charge a pet deposit (if applicable).

Returning (§ 35-9A-201) – Landlord must return the deposit within thirty-five (35) days of the end date or the day the tenant vacates the property. If the payment is not made within thirty-five (35) days the landlord will be obligated to pay the tenant double the amount.


The landlord must provide at least two (2) days’ notice (§ 35-9A-303) before entering the premises for any type of maintenance issues. The landlord may only enter the premises without notice in the case of an emergency.


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